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IMC's New Web Warehouse / Redefining Online Parts Ordering

The IMC Web Warehouse has undergone a transformation from being just a tool to now redefining online parts ordering.  Here is a list of a few of the new features.

What's New?

Customize Your Experience – Tailor the interface to your business by selecting the information and options that you want to see and use, to make the IMC Web Warehouse work best for you.

Latest Vehicle Inquiries – Any of your last 15 vehicles inquires is just a click away.

Pre-Sorted Product Categories – While looking up parts for a specific vehicle, the IMC Web Warehouse presorts parts by category so the categories you need are always on screen for easy access.

Online Returns – This time saving feature allows you to process your returns through the IMC Web Warehouse.

My Jobs – The electronic version of our popular 'Want Pad' tool allows you create a parts list electronically, and then you can order the parts from the list with the click of a mouse.

 Fast Order – Know the part numbers you want (IMC's or other industry numbers interchange)? Type them in and the order is done.

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